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You can confim your booking by ensuring all the information submitted is correct. This will help us ensure everything is ready for you.

We understand that as you prepare for your travel plans, the last thing you may want to do is fill out forms.

In order to offer a service that runs smoothly and ensures your have everything you need on arrival, we do require a fair bit of information.

We use the information provided to us to process your booking and ensure everything is carried out in a seamless manner. Afterall, we are only as good as the information we have access to. We ask you to check it all over, as you will be the first to know if there's a flight cancellation, or delay which may result in your being placed onto a different flight.

Similarly, without knowing what dates your intended to book or how old your child is, we have no way of knowing if any of the information submitted is correct. This is one of the reasons we ask that all of our customers check over the information submitted to ensure it is correct.

If any information needs adjusting, please submit your changes in writing along with your order number, Alternitevely, you hire details form can be resubmitted using the link at the bottom of this page. We are unable to make adjustments to your booking over the phone.


Your booking details

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Your email confirmations

When you've placed your booking, you'll receive two emails. One email containing your order overview, and one email containing your hire booking details.

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Your order overview

Check your order overview as it will list each of the items you've booked, and the dates you've booked each item for.

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Your hire dates

We recommend checking that your hire dates are booked so that they work with your travel plans.

  • If you've arranged to have someone local collect hire items ahead of your arrival, we recommend booking your hire to start the day before your arrival.
  • If you are arriving on an early flight, we also recommend booking your car seat hire AND rental car hire to begin the day before to allow for installation.


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Booking add-on's

Your booking overview will include any items you have added on to your booking (if required).

For example:

  • An infant insert for a car seat
  • A rain cover for a pram
  • A travel bag for a travel stroller
  • A playmat
  • Any add-on purchases
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Your shipping selection

Check your order overview to ensure the correct shipping option has been selected.

Our local pick-up option is available to those who live locally expecting incoming visitors. This option will appear once a local address is entered.

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Your hire details

We recommend checking that your flight arrival and departure dates are correct, as is your flight number. 

  • Our Installation hours run from 9am to 5pm. Evening arrivals can usually be accommodated during this time.
  • If you are arriving on an early flight, we also recommend booking your car seat hire and rental car hire to begin the day before to allow for installation prior to your arrival.
    Alternatively, some customers opt to have breakfast at the airport to allow us time to install their car seats with the vehicle generally being ready by 9:30am.


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Out of hours arrivals

If your flight is due to land prior to 9am, there are two options available:

  • (Preferred) Book your hire equipment and your rental car for the afternoon prior, so installation can take place ahead of your arrival.
  • On arrival, take advantage of the restaurants and facilities available at the airport, and arrange to collect your rental car from approximately 9:30am.

Our installation services commence at 9am. It can take approximately 30 minutes for installation to take place. This may be slightly longer depending on the wait time for the car to be available or if an unsuitable vehicle is provided.

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Your rental car

We recommend checking over your rental details to ensure all information is provided.

Where possible, we recommend providing the reservation number from the car rental company (rather than third party booking sites), as this can be used to locate your booking if it is booked under a name other than the one provided.

Please make sure that the name your reservation is unser has been provided - Even if it's not your own name.

Tip: Booking your rental car for several hours ahead of your arrival, often won't cost extra, however, it is helpful in ensuring your rental is available when we attend to install car seats.

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Your child's detail's

Fill out your child's details as accurately as possible. We use this information to ensure all the equipment provided is suitable for the age and size of the child.



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Your child's seated shoulder height

Australian Standard car seats use seated shoulder height to determine whether a child fits a car seat, which mode it is set up in, and when it is outgrown.

Seated shoulder height is measured by sitting the child with their back against a wall, and measuring from the floor to their shoulder.

We use this height to determine whether a car seat is suitable, and to ensure the strap height is set up correctly. When this measurement is guessed, it is normally wildly inaccurate, and means that your car seat may not be set up correctly for the size of your child.

Australian Standard car seats have shoulder height markers on the side that determine whether a child meets the requirements to forward face or have outgrown a car seat.

These measurements are listed on each hire product to help you determine suitability ahead of time.

Resubmit your hire details here (If required)

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